Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I am registered for private health fund rebates.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine consultations are typically included in most extras cover (the actual herbs are typically not). As of the time of writing all health funds, with the exception of Medibank and ARHG, accept claims for at-home acupuncture treatments. Please be sure to check with your health fund for specific details about what your fund will cover.

You will be issued a receipt which you can use to claim with your health fund.

Payments can be made in cash on the day or via bank transfer.

One of the big advantages of mobile acupuncture is that you can receive the treatment wherever you would like. While many people feel most comfortable lying/sitting in a spot of their choosing (bed, couch, chair, recliner), I also bring a massage table with me.

I have a strong preference for encouraging the use of the strongest form of Chinese herbal medicine possible; using raw herbs. This method involves cooking up a bag of raw herbs and then drinking the resultant strained decoction. When people cannot tolerate raw herbs I use granules (concentrated herbal extract powder that you add to warm water) or occasionally patent pills (little herbal balls that you swallow).

I utilise the services of a local herbal dispenser here in Melbourne (The Herb Grove) to prepare your herbs on my behalf. Once I have written your herbal prescription I send it off to the dispenser and they prepare it according to my instructions and send it directly to you.

Yes – via telehealth. For people living in Australia I can have herbs shipped directly to you; wherever you are. For those overseas, I can write you a herbal prescription that you can get filled at a local Chinese herbalist/Chinatown. Chinese medical dietary therapy can also be an important component of such consultations.

To ensure privacy and security I use Jitsi Meet (rather than popular alternatives). No programs need to be installed; it simply runs through your internet browser. You will be sent a meeting link ahead of the scheduled appointment time.

Simply send me an email enquiry with a preferred time and we’ll go from there.