Mobile Acupuncture
& Chinese Herbal Medicine


Initially birthed as a temporary response to the changes of 2020, I have now embraced the flexibility and increased personal care afforded by coming directly to you via home visits. Some of the advantages to you include:

  • For the busy or time poor:
      • No travelling required to get to a clinic, find a park, etc.
      • No waiting time sitting around in a clinic.
  • No requirement to leave the home for those in extreme pain or debility, the elderly, pregnant women, or those with mental-emotional conditions exacerbated by having to attend a clinic.
  • Complete privacy (no bumping into other patients or clinic staff).
  • Less intimidating for children scared of attending a clinic.
  • No need for child care.
  • More flexibility in appointment times.
  • Ability to be treated in the comfort of your own home.
Mobile Acupuncture Melbourne - Wood Model


Mobile acupuncture involves everything you would expect in a standard acupuncture clinic setting; only in your own home. I bring everything required for the treatment itself; all we need is somewhere comfortable for you to relax during the treatment (be it a bed, couch, chair, or the massage table that I bring with me).

For more information on acupuncture; click here.


Chinese herbal medicine can be used as a stand-alone treatment with or without acupuncture. A herbal medicine home visit (without acupuncture) involves a consultation (discussion of signs and symptoms, observation of the tongue, taking the pulse, etc) and the administering of a herbal formula. I utilise the services of a Chinese herbal medicine dispensary here in Melbourne (The Herb Grove) who prepare your herbal prescription on my behalf and then send the package directly to you.

For more information on Chinese herbal medicine; click here.

Mobile Acupuncture Melbourne - Mushrooms


I service the greater Melbourne region: for more details please refer to my Fees page.

If a home visit doesn’t suit your circumstances, I also offer telehealth services for Chinese herbal medicine.