Chinese herbal medicine is generally regarded as the primary treatment modality for internal medicine conditions within the Chinese medicine tradition. Chinese herbal medicines are primarily of plant origin (leaves, twigs, barks, roots, flowers, seeds); but can also include some minerals and some animal products. No endangered or illegally traded wildlife products are used. Animal products are easily substituted with plant ingredients when desired.

Herbs used in Chinese medicine possess various properties, actions, temperatures, and flavours that dictate their therapeutic indications. The power of Chinese herbal medicine lies in the ability to devise a precise combination of herbs (a formula) to address a specific pattern of disharmony for a specific person’s body, constitution, and pathology at a given time. When prescribed appropriately the herbs work synergistically to strengthen and reinforce one-another. In many cases herbs are prepared in a very specific way (for example; dry fried, honey fried, vinegar fried) in order to augment the action of a herb or to modify it in some way to achieve a certain therapeutic intent. Herbal formulas are continually re-assessed and/or re-adjusted on each visit based on how a person’s condition is progressing.


Chinese Herbal Medicine Melbourne - Raw Herbs


These are dried herbs in their most natural state. This is the strongest form of herbal medicine available and involves cooking up a bag of raw herbs at home into a decoction and then drinking the liquid. Herbs prescribed in raw form allow complete customisation of the formula to the individual, as well as the ability to prepare specific herbs in particular ways. As a passionate herbalist I place a strong focus on using raw herbs to maximise the efficacy of clinical outcomes.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Melbourne - Granules


These are concentrated herbal extracts that have been dried and processed into a water dissolvable powder. Single herbal extracts are mixed together to create a formula; which you simply dissolve in warm water. They are therefore a more convenient option.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Melbourne - Patent Pills


These are pre-made formulas prepared in the form of a small black pill. They are not able to be tailored for the individual and are not as potent as the other methods. I tend to use pills infrequently for these reasons.